It is your responsibility as the driver to make sure that the tread of your vehicle's tyres do not exceed the legal minimum limit of 1.6 millimetres. Both the weather and friction can cause your vehicle's tyres to wear.

Just driving your car normally results in friction however, there are several factors that can increase the rate at which your tyres wear down, including:

  • Under Inflated Tyres

    Under Inflation

    This can cause uneven wearing, as your tyres are likely to wear down more on the outer edges of the tread. The tyre inner-liner can also become damaged.

  • Over Inflated Tyres

    Over Inflation

    This can lead to the central tread area being forced into contact with the road causing rapid or crown wear.

  • Mis Alignment

    Wheel Mis-Alignment

    This often causes uneven wear of the tyres, as the edge of the tread becomes "feathered" and worn progressively from one side.

  • Emergency Braking

    Emergency Braking

    This can result in quick wear to the tyres and can even cause the tyre to become flat. Driving at high speeds can also affect your tyres due to the increase in temperature.

  • Sharp Objects

    Sharp Objects

    These can cause considerable damage rendering a tyre unserviceable.

  • Impact Damage

    Impact Damage

    This is damage caused by an impact to the sidewall. The bulge or "egg" indicates localised casing damage.

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