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Auto Diagnostics

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Auto Diagnostics

Here at Elite Tyre and Autocare we use the latest technology from Autel Tech. Their MaxiSys Pro tool that we use offers unrivalled smart technology which allows us to diagnose more engine faults than ever before.

We use the Autel MaxiSys Pro because it is the best on the market, which allows us to offer you the best auto diagnostic service possible in Iron Acton and Thornbury, something that we pride ourselves on.

Click here to read more about the Autel MaxiSys Pro

If you are receiving warning and errors lights on your vehicle dashboard then bring it down to one of Elite Tyre and Autocare’s fully equipped garages.

Our experienced auto diagnostic engineers will find the fault in no time, repair and advice on the best solution for you. We also have qualified engineers that can solve the engine faults for you there and then.

Common diagnostics undertaken include:

  • Fault Code Diagnostics
  • Vehicle Model Specific Diagnostics

Auto Diagnostics

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