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Car Tyres & Exhausts

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Tyres & Exhausts

If you are looking for a new set of car tyres or a new exhaust – look no further. Come to one of our depots or contact Elite Tyre and Autocare today.

Choose from our huge selection of tyres including Roadstone, Michelin, Pirelli, Goodyear, Dunlop, Primewell, Bridgestone and many more – all at cost-effective prices. We also have the knowledge and experience to supply and fit a wide range of tyre sizes. Tyres are also available as part of our mail order service – where we will drop them off at your home address and if you wish you can fit them yourself.

If you are unsure about what tyres to buy we are more than happy to provide you with FREE advice and guidance on which ones are best for your lifestyle, budget and vehicle type.

Range Rover

Tyres & Exhausts

Fitting Premium Tyes & Exhausts

We are able to supply and fit a wide range of standard and performance exhausts for numerous cars and light commercial vehicles. From Single to Dual Exhaust Systems - we can help.

It is important to ensure that you have a fully working exhaust to maintain a quiet running engine and to gain optimum fuel efficiency.

Performance exhausts can help improve the overall performance, style and sound of your exhaust system as well as increase the power output.


Alloy Wheels

We also have a wide selection of alloy wheels available. Whether you are looking for new alloys for Audi, BMW, Porsche, VW, Ford, Seat or any other vehicle type we can help!

Proud to now stock VITORA Tyres!

VITORA provides high quality performance tyres, offering you the ultimate experience in comfort and safety whilst also enhancing your driving experience and ensuring peace of mind.
When you buy a VITORA tyre you are also entitled to a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, a 2 year roadside assistance warranty and a 2 year tyre damage warranty.

30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

VITORA want to give you absolute assurance you have made the right choice. If for some reason you think otherwise, with any set of 2 or more VITORA tyres purchased. VITORA offers you a replacement guarantee for 30 days from the date of registration of any VITORA tyre. This means that you can bring your VITORA tyres back to the store they were purchased from and replace them with an alternative tyre and or brand of your choice, of equal or lesser value.

2 Year Tyre Roadside Assistance

For any VITORA tyre purchased as part of the VITORA TyreLIFE Guarantee Program, you will enjoy 2 years of tyre related roadside assistance from the date of registration. This means that if you are unfortunate enough to get a flat or damaged tyre, a qualified professional will come and change your VITORA tyre with your spare tyre, free of charge. If a spare isn’t available, or you have 2 or more flat tyres, they will provide towing free of charge to the nearest VITORA tyre dealer or authorised place of repair (up to 20 miles radius from the point of incident).

2 Year Tyre Damage Warranty

For any VITORA tyre purchased that is damaged beyond repair due to road hazard tyre damage, VITORA will replace the Tyre within 2 years of purchase due to irreparable road hazard tyre damage. Road hazard tyre damage means accidental damage caused due to unseen road hazards such as nails, glass, punctures, accidental cuts, accidental curb damage, impact breaks (e.g. potholes).

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